Sunday, September 7, 2008

Common Mistakes made - P1

This is one the common mistakes that I have made while I was working on windows ce and also saw others making them too....

"Don't Forget the BIB file"

When adding extra drivers or other applications in the BSP, we always missed out adding the entry in BIB file. During development from platform builder, we wont notice any problem (if we don't pay attention to the LOG messages). Because while working from a development platform, there will be an extra directory in "My device" folder, called Release. So when the the file is required to be loaded, application or driver dll, it will be loaded from this directory.

But when the device is in stand alone mode, this Release directory wont be present and the DLL or application will fail to load. Most of the times we were wondering whats happening. We were concentrating only on the registry settings. Didn't notice that the file loading was failing. After some digging around and wasting valuable time, we found out the culprit :)

So think of this point while adding your drivers ok :)

Dont miss the BIBle :)