For monitoring events for a network interface, the notification request ioctl IOCTL_NDISUIO_REQUEST_NOTIFICATION in NDISUIO driver can be used.

By using this Notification mechanism, we can capture events for each network interface in Windows CE such as

  • Bind
  • Unbind
  • Power Up
  • Power down
  • etc...
A sample implementation is provided in the NDISPWR driver in PUBLIC code


Anonymous said...

Hi Vaisakh,

I am new to WINCE 6.0. I wanted to run a driver code on my X86 based target. I have

successfully compiled NDISUIO sample given in WINCE folder.

I have copied ndisuio.dll to target's windows folder.

Then I edited registry of the target as follows.

prefix=uio, dll name=ndisuio.dll, index=1,order=38, flags=2

Then I created a sample application to communicate with the driver.

But It fails in the function CreateFile().

Do you have any idea about what could be wrong?

Vaisakh P S said...

Are you sure that your customised NDISUIO driver is getting loaded?? Try a debug build of your operating system or check the registry of the driver has been loaded or not.

siva said...

Hi Vaisakh,

Thanks for the reply. The target came with pre built OS image.

It already has ndisuio.dll in the windows directory. I replaced that ndisuio.dll with mine.

I would like to give some additional info about my target.

Actually I got the BSP,bios loader for the target.

But they didn't provide any SDK. I have built SDK using the BSP. I can compile simple userspace programs & run them on the target by copying those binaries via USB pen drive.

I am struggling to connect the target to my PC.

I tried with ActiveSync. it didnt work for me. Also I am facing issues in downloading the OS image to target via ethernet. I think they have not enabled eboot, KITL in their image.